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Smyrna inmate accused of sharpening a utensil into point


A McDonough man, Cesar Gonzalez-Rodriguez, who was in custody at the Smyrna jail following an arrest now faces charges of possessing an item prohibited for inmates.

According to an arrest warrant by the Smyrna Police Department, Gonzalez-Rodriguez, 24, is accused of taking a utensil used for meals and sharpening the end of the handle into a pointed edge between Aug. 9 and Aug. 10 at the Smyrna jail.

Sharpening a utensil or hard plastic into a point, knife, or shank often occurs within the jail system and is dangerous as it can be used against other inmates and guards.

Gonzalez-Rodriguez had been placed in a holding cell due to his previous arrest the night before. The modified utensil was reportedly discovered and turned over to Smyrna jail staff, as detailed in the warrant.

Gonzalez-Rodriguez is charged with items prohibited for possession by inmates – warden’s authorization. He was arrested on Aug. 11 and booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, according to jail records.

He was released on a $6,500 bond.


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