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Smyrna woman charged with hitting patrol car, resisting arrest


A Smyrna woman, Joanne Hughley, was arrested and faces multiple charges related to a DUI traffic stop, including hitting a patrol car and resisting arrest.

The incident occurred on August 9th on Franklin Gateway. According to an arrest warrant issued by the Cobb County Police Department, Hughley, 55, was accused of operating a white Volvo XC60 in a manner that posed a danger, as she was unable to drive safely within a single lane for approximately one mile. 

The warrant states that Hughley repeatedly failed to maintain her lane and stopped her vehicle past the stop line at two intersections with red traffic signals. 

An officer conducted a traffic stop, during which Hughley reversed her vehicle into the officer’s patrol car. Hughley only came to a stop when another police officer blocked her from the front.

During her arrest, Hughley allegedly struck an officer with a closed fist to the chest. Subsequently, she resisted arrest by tensing her body, and it took the efforts of three officers to physically restrain her arms and place her in handcuffs, according to the warrant.

According to the arrest warrant, Hughley displayed signs of impairment, including slurred speech, repetition, and confusion regarding the reason for the stop. The arrest warrant said that when a portable alco-sensor was used on the scene, it yielded a negative result.

Hughley is charged with failure to maintain her lane; two traffic control device violations; obstruction; fleeing or attempting to elude; and DUI – drugs. 

She was booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center and was given a $5,000 bond.


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