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Atlanta man accused of threatening Cobb judge and prosecutor


An Atlanta man, Andrew Thurston Murphy, has been charged with intimidation or obstruction of jurors or court officers in Cobb County. 

He is accused of sending threatening emails to the presiding judge, prosecutor, and other individuals related to a criminal case. These alleged threats were sent on August 8th.

According to an arrest warrant issued by the Marietta Police Department, Murphy, 39, emailed the judge saying, “God says you touch Derrick Cohen on August 22nd you and your family are…..racist f****** demon. As my parents taught me the only good racist white cobb demon is a….one.”

Murphy also sent an email to the prosecutor saying, “White Racist!! You go forward with the racial lynching. It’s out right war. I’m going to make an example of those white racists in the Cobb DA’s. Don’t force me to make an example out of you. I’ll die before I lay down to you racist dogs in Cobb County.”

The arrest warrant lists additional threatening emails sent to people involved in the case. 

Murphy is charged with aggravated stalking; 13 counts of terroristic threats; and two counts of intimidation or obstruction of jurors or court officers. He was arrested on Aug. 15 and booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, according to jail records. 

Murphy remains in custody and is not eligible for bond.


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