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Smyrna homeowner arrested after fatally shooting man


A homeowner, Hayden Beasley, who shot and killed Phillip Simmons, on April 16 has finally been charged with murder and arrested months later.

At the time of the incident, Beasely told police that the victim, Simmons, had broken into his home. Beasely was not arrested by Smyrna police at the time.

Police also took a statement from the victim’s wife who witnessed the shooting of her husband and told a different story from that of the homeowner.

On April 16, Simmons’ brother, Ali says Phillip and his wife, Crystal, were driving around Smyrna looking for scrap metal when they spotted some near Corn Road, which backs up to a home on Lochlomand Lane.

Ali says Phillip pulled over to pick it up when he was confronted by a man with a gun telling him to get off his property. Ali said, “My sister-in-law said the man had pushed my brother and my brother stumbled back and that’s when a shot went off, and he turned the gun on her.” Medics rushed Simmons to the hospital where he later died.

Simmons’ brother, Ali, described his sister-in-law’s version of the incident and waited for justice to be served. “The Lord told me just sit down and relax, and he would take care of it,” said Ali.

Ali is still healing over the violent death of his brother who he said was a God-fearing man who often ministered to young people. Ali said, “Burden lifted, a lot of peace, especially among my family, my family is very thankful.”

A Cobb County grand jury indictment came down charging Beasley with malice murder and felony murder in the death of Simmons.

He also faces two counts of aggravated assault, one for an assault of Simmons and the second for the assault of Crystal. Beasely was also indicted on two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.


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