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Cobb tax increases on top of inflation will negatively impact everyone in the county


Citizens should mobilize now and plan to attend meetings to let their voices be heard

When it comes to community prosperity, property taxes play a significant role in funding essential services and projects within our county. However, any decision to increase property taxes should be approached with careful consideration, taking into account if it is truly needed and the overall impact on residents and businesses alike. 

Changes to property taxes directly affects our community in a number of ways but is most impactful on the pocketbooks of those already struggling in this financially difficult period of time due to inflation putting an unnecessary burden on citizens. 

While many counties within Georgia are trying to find ways to roll back their mileage as they point to inflation that is already negatively impacting their citizens, Cobb has elected not to identify ways to prevent a tax increase. 

Instead, Chairwoman Lisa Cupid and the Cobb Board of Commissioners recently held the first of three public hearings on their proposed property tax increase in Cobb. Their $1.2 billion budget for fiscal year 2024 includes a millage rate of 8.46 mills, which is not good news for citizens or businesses.

Many in the Cobb community believe their minds are already made up and the meetings that Cupid and commissioners are holding are just cursory in nature, AKA ‘window dressing’ for the public. Cobb’s CFO attempted to make the argument at the first meeting that the increase is needed, but Cobb citizens are simply not buying it.

It is clear from the public outcry that occurred at the first meeting, as well as the outcry occurring on social media, and the outcry from those who have contacted SPOTLIGHT, that the community does not support this increase. 

The million dollar question for them is this…Is Cupid and the commissioners listening?

Many Cobb citizens have spoken up, but this matter requires greater action in the form of more voices from those who call Cobb home. As a citizen, it is your right and duty to engage your government in the decision-making processes involving the increasing of taxes and the burden that it will have on you and others.

The public hearings provide an opportunity for you to voice your opinions, express concerns, and offer alternative solutions. By participating actively in these hearings, residents can ensure that their collective voices and concerns are heard by insisting that it be taken into account before a decision is made.

SPOTLIGHT’S objective is to inform the community about the remaining two upcoming public hearings and encourage your active participation in expressing your concerns. The other public meetings on the mileage increase are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on July 18 and 7 p.m. on July 25

It is imperative that you do something other than remain silent on this issue. You can attend the meetings and you can write and call Cupid and the commissioners before they take the final vote on this increase. It is essential that they understand and respond to the concerns of the public before they make a final decision.

If you plan to attend the public hearing, it is important to maintain a respectful and constructive approach. Prepare your thoughts and concerns beforehand, clearly articulate how the proposed tax increase would impact you personally, your household, or your business. Present well-reasoned arguments and potential alternatives as you can encourage dialogue.

Their vote on a tax increase will also affect Chair Cupid and members of the board of Commission who are up for re-election in 2024.

If Cupid and the board make decisions that are negatively impactful to residents such as raising taxes, they will have the opportunity next year to show their displeasure by voting each commissioner out of office. 

For her part, Cupid has already announced her intent to run for re-election. It will be up to the voters to look at Cupid’s record on this and other decisions that she has made that have not been in the best interest for citizens of Cobb and hold her accountable at the ballot box.

As we stated earlier, public participation in these meetings are critical, so mobilize and spread awareness among fellow citizens. 

Share this notice with your friends, neighbors, and community groups, urging them to attend the public hearing and voice their concerns. Demonstrate the strength of public sentiment and emphasize the importance of representing the interests of the community by attending these meetings. 

Come together, engage constructively, and demand accountability in matters that directly affect the community.


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