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Georgia has dropped 95,000 from Medicaid rolls 


Don’t lose your Medicaid coverage South Cobb citizens, get information from State Rep Terry Cummings and find out your status.

Medicaid is the government health insurance program for poor children and some poor adults who are elderly, federally declared disabled, or meet certain Georgia work or activity requirements. In addition, more than half of Georgia births are covered by Medicaid.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government and healthcare programs provided temporary measures to support individuals in maintaining their coverage. Annual requalifying requirements were suspended during three years of the pandemic emergency which resulted in the Medicaid rolls soaring to record numbers. However, these measures had expiration dates after the pandemic.

Unfortunately for many individuals, they are finding out the hard way that they have lost their healthcare coverage due to failing to reapply after the pandemic grace period. Georgia officials are asking all of its 2.8 million beneficiaries to reapply as they review cases in an effort to eliminate those who no longer qualify. The AJC recently reported on this issue, saying 95,000 Georgians have been dropped from the Medicaid roll. Officials have admitted that people may lose their Medicaid because they didn’t realize they had to reapply.

District 39 State Representative Terry Cummings has been monitoring this situation and understands that losing coverage due to a failure to reapply can have significant consequences on her constituents and their families. She knows that a gap in healthcare coverage and limited access to necessary medical services has a negative impact on seniors, families and veterans in District 39 and across the state of Georgia. 

To address this situation, Rep. Cummings is reaching out to the community by handing out information and will have representatives on site to look up your Medicaid coverage status. 

Join her on Monday, July 17, 2023 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Gordon Road Shopping Center located at 6560 Mableton Parkway, SW, Mableton, Georgia to be proactive and take prompt action to protect yourself and prevent the loss of your coverage. 

This is one of several events that Cummings will be hosting throughout the year to ensure that citizens know their status and what to do to ensure they maintain their status. 

Rep. Cummings says it is “crucial for individuals to take proactive steps now to ensure they maintain their coverage by reapplying within the designated time frame”. Make plans now to attend this event to gain important information that can help you and your family.

By seeking assistance and applying for coverage within the designated time frame, individuals can work towards reestablishing their healthcare coverage and ensuring access to necessary healthcare services.

If you don’t respond to the state’s warning notices and refile your applications, you will be dropped from coverage. Make plans to attend the forum and protect you and your health coverage.

The US Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, expressed his concerns in a June 12 letter to state governors saying, “I am deeply concerned with the number of people unnecessarily losing coverage, especially those who appear to have lost coverage for avoidable reasons that State Medicaid offices have the power to prevent or mitigate.” 

The majority of the people affected in Georgia will be parents and children. Act now to protect your health services by planning to attend the forum. Make friends and neighbors aware and ask them to attend as well. 


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