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Mableton Mayor Michael Owens joins Cobb County Transit Technical Advisory Committee as transit presence expands in South Cobb


Mableton Mayor Michael Owens announced that he has joined the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the Cobb Department of Transportation. Owens attended the inaugural TAC meeting last month, marking the beginning of his active participation in the South Cobb Transit Center Site Selection Study.

As the Mayor of Cobb County’s largest city, Owen’s participation and input is important and will provide guidance for a newly planned South Cobb Transit Center. The TAC will play a crucial role in the development of a state-of-the-art transit center, furthering the objectives of the CobbForward Comprehensive Transportation Plan 2050.

The TAC meetings represent a collaborative multi-agency and multi-city effort to discuss both the South Cobb and Marietta Transit Center studies, which aim to further address public transportation needs and enhance regional and local multimodal transportation options. 

Mayor Owens said on joining TAC, “I am thrilled to be a part of the effort to bring a transit hub into Mableton. Mableton and the entire South Cobb Area have a significant need to expand public transit options. This is a great start as the establishment of a South Cobb Transit Center will lay the foundation for improving the quality of life for many people in our city and the surrounding areas.”

Mayor Owens joins this committee at the beginning of Phase 2 of the Site Selection Study which involves a detailed analysis of potential sites, as well as conceptual site design for all three transit centers. These studies build upon the previous findings of the Phase 1 study, which determined facility and locational needs for the transit system.

The proposed South Cobb Transit Center will not only enhance connections to the CobbLinc network of public transportation services, but also improve accessibility to regional and local multimodal transportation options. This project signifies a significant step forward in expanding and modernizing transportation infrastructure within Cobb County.

To foster community involvement and gather valuable feedback, a public workshop will be held July 18th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Connection Pointe Church of God, located at 888 East-West Connector, Mableton, GA 30106.

The workshop, hosted by Cobb DOT, aims to provide information on the transit project and encourage discussions on transit center priorities in South Cobb. Residents, stakeholders, and interested parties are encouraged to attend the meeting and contribute to the planning process.


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