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Austell man, woman accused of abusing 6-year-old boy


An Austell man and woman, Marcus Lamonte Jackson and Aceonna Chinn, are facing charges of cruelty to children for their alleged actions resulting in injuries to a six-year-old boy.

The incident took place on July 26 at an address on Riverside Parkway in Austell, according to an arrest warrant issued by the Cobb County Police Department. 

Jackson is accused of failing to promptly seek medical attention for the boy when he suffered a severe laceration to his forehead that exposed part of his skull. 

Additionally, Jackson allegedly grabbed the child by the torso and arms, shaking him forcefully, which caused a bruise in the shape of a hand to appear on the boy’s torso and left marks on his arms. 

Medical professionals from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Child Protection team also reported that the boy sustained an acute rib fracture, possibly caused by being grabbed and squeezed.

Chinn is also accused of causing harm to the child. She is accused of grabbing the boy by the arm and striking him with a belt, resulting in a scapula fracture. 

Furthermore, she struck the boy’s buttocks with a belt, causing several lateral lacerations, and failed to seek medical attention for his injuries. 

The arrest warrant states that Chinn also struck the juvenile with a belt when he was between the ages of four and six, leading to curvilinear shaped marks on his back. Both Jackson and Chinn were arrested on July 27.

Medical examinations conducted between 2021 and 2023 revealed additional findings including a severe skin rash, a healing arm fracture, an inflamed liver, and what appeared to be cigarette burns on the child’s body, alongside other smaller marks in areas that indicate a high risk for abuse.

Jackson is charged with cruelty to children – second degree and cruelty to children – first degree. Chinn faces three counts of cruelty to children – first degree and three counts of cruelty to children – second degree.

Jackson and Chin are being held at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center without bond.


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