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American Legion honors Cobb Veterans Bonner and Johnson


The American Legion, Post 296, recently held a dedication ceremony to honor two distinguished Air Force veterans of Cobb County, Jesse Bonner and Lucius Johnson.

To commemorate their exceptional service to the post and their country, a special plaque was installed at the entrance doors to the blue room, a space used for Post 296 meetings and formal ceremonies. 

Following their retirement from the Air Force, both Bonner and Johnson played pivotal roles in expanding Post 296. They leased a new building and spearheaded its transformation into a welcoming community gathering place.

Bonner, who served as a chief master sergeant in the Air Force, became the commander of Post 296 and played a significant role in its operations and event organization. He was also instrumental in maintaining the facilities and securing licenses for the new building.

Unfortunately, Lucius Johnson passed away a week and a half before the ceremony, but he was posthumously honored, and his brother, Alfred Lee Johnson, represented him at the event.

The dedication ceremony was attended by esteemed guests, including Cobb Superior Court Judge Vic Reynolds, former Marietta Mayor Bill Dunaway, former Marietta Councilman Philip Goldstein, former Gov. Roy Barnes, and Dr. Betty Ann Cook, former vice chair of the state parole board.

The ceremony was filled with heartfelt tributes, highlighting the significant impact that Jesse Bonner has had on the lives of many and the lasting legacy of both Bonner and Lucius Johnson in the community. 

Jessie, 87, expressed to those gathered that his achievements were made possible by the support of others.

Jessie and his wife Deane, have a long-standing legacy of service and community involvement in Marietta. Deane, a respected leader in the community, serves as president emeritus of the Cobb NAACP. 


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