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East Cobb Senator Kay Kilpatrick receives military award


State Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick, representing the east Cobb district, was honored with the Georgia Military Officers Association’s 2022 Barto Award in recognition of her efforts to pass a significant state income tax exemption for retired military personnel. 

Last year,  Kirkpatrick sponsored House Bill 1064 in the Senate, which included a state income tax exemption of $17,500 specifically for retired military personnel. What sets this exemption apart is that it allows retirees to start benefiting from it right from the date of their retirement, instead of having to wait until reaching the age of 62.

Upon receiving the award, Kirkpatrick expressed her gratitude and stated that it is an esteemed honor to be acknowledged with this prestigious recognition from the GMOAA. She also conveyed her commitment to continuing the collaborative work with the association, striving to further enhance the benefits and support for all military personnel.


The Georgia Military Officers Association of America established the Joseph C. Barto, Jr., Service Award in 2014, which is specifically intended to recognize Georgia politicians from the Executive Branch, House, and Senate who have demonstrated unwavering support for issues concerning military personnel and veterans at the state level. Sen. Kirkpatrick’s work and dedication to improving the lives of retired military personnel through the state income tax exemption clearly align with the goals and principles of this award.


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