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Police investigating violent Marietta home invasion


Cobb County Police have charged Samuel Herrera with several serious offenses, including home invasion, aggravated assault, and criminal damage. 

The charges stem from an incident where Herrera forcibly entered a unit at County Pines Apartments on Booth Road in Marietta.

According to the arrest warrant, Herrera is alleged to have used a large rock to smash a bedroom window in one of the apartments and then kicked in the door before engaging in a physical altercation with the victim. 

The victim was subjected to a severe beating, resulting in injuries significant enough to necessitate hospitalization. Some of these injuries were caused by the large rock thrown by Herrera, which landed on the victim’s face.

As of now, investigators are uncertain about Herrera’s motive for this violent act as he does not reside in the neighborhood and appears to have no known connection to the victim, making the motive behind the attack unclear.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing, and further details may emerge as it progresses.


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