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Owens Wins, becomes Mayor of the new city of Mableton


The votes have been counted and the people of Mableton have spoken, even if it was only 6,113 that bothered to do so. Dr. Michael Owens has been elected Mayor, and is poised to lead the largest city in Cobb, with 77,500 residents, which surpasses both Marietta and Smyrna.

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Owens won the Mayor’s race over candidate Aaron Carman to lead the newly minted city. Owens received 3,396 votes (56%) to Carman’s 2,703 votes (44%).

Owens, a former Chair of the Cobb County Democratic Party, led the efforts to turn the county blue, during his tenure. The father of two is a cybersecurity executive and former Marine. He will now lead the efforts to bring Mableton together after much division and bitterness that followed voters approval to becoming a city in the November General Election in 2022.  

As expected with special elections and runoff races, voter apathy was present as many did not come out to vote, despite heavy campaigning by all candidates.

In addition to Mayor, the low turnout saw other candidates elected to Mableton City Council including Dami Oladopo for District 2 City Council. By a margin of 33 votes, she won over Monica DeLancy, 303 to 270.

In the District 3 City Council race, Keisha Jeffcoat won over Yashica Marshall, 637 to 481.

In the District 4 City Council race, Patricia Auch won over Cassandra Brown, 1269 to 960. 

In the District 5 City Council race, TJ Ferguson won over Cheryl Davis, 583 to 529. 

Congratulations to all candidates that were in the Mableton races. Running for office is not an easy task, which they learned firsthand.

Many citizens are glad that the races are finally over and urge the newly elected government to get to work moving the city forward. They hope that the new government can put cityhood and de-annexation in the rearview mirror, at least for now. Many suspect the latter subject will be revisited sooner rather than later, so hold on. 

As for Owens, he watched the election numbers come in at Mexico Lindo where he celebrated his win with family and friends When asked during a recent forum if he had a nickname he wanted to be called if he was elected, Owens paused for a moment and with a shy grin said yes, “I want to be called Mayor”.

He got his wish…Mayor Owens does have a nice ring to it. 


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