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Mistretta brother-sister duo protect and serve on the Acworth Police force


As children, brothers and sisters have their own special family drama including sibling rivalry, teasing, never ending jostling on who is right, who gets to watch what on TV, and whose side the parents will take to address disagreements.

This may have been the life of the Mistretta siblings back in the day, but as adults, they have left child’s play in the rear view mirror and are looking forward with a keen focus on keeping citizens safe. Both Mistretta siblings, Officer Michelle Mistretta and her brother, Cpl. Eric Mistretta, serve on the Acworth Police force.

Acworth police Chief Jesse Evans sees it as a bonus to have dedicated siblings serving the community and points to it adding to the department’s cohesiveness.

After initially thinking she wanted to work as a juvenile probation officer, Michelle freely admits that she followed her older brother into a career in law enforcement. For his part, brother Eric says he is proud to work at the same department with her.

Eric joined the Acworth department almost four years ago, after working for Sheriff offices in both Paulding and Cherokee counties. He was promoted to the rank of corporal in June 2022 and runs the department’s Public Safety Cadet Program. He also serves as the department’s Public Information Officer and keeps the media and the community informed of local crimes.

As for Michelle, she first worked as a jailer in Acworth, then took a job in a different Georgia community, before returning to Acworth. Michelle’s brother has been very supportive of her career. 

He was there after she graduated from the police academy and got sworn in. He also had the honor of pinning on her badge. Michelle credits her brother with encouraging her to have a greater involvement with the community.

That’s what big brothers are for – creating a good path for siblings to follow.


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