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Man charged for impersonating Marietta Police Officer and drug possession


Police arrested and charged Raymond Marti with impersonating an officer and with possessing drugs outside of a Marietta nightclub where he worked as a security guard.

In the early morning hours of April 16, police spotted Marti, 59, wearing a long sleeve shirt with the word “police” printed on the front, back and sleeves in front of Las Nenas Billiards and Restaurant at the corner of Sandtown Road and Davis Circle.

A Marietta police officer approached Marti and asked if he was a law enforcement officer. Marti initially said he was and handed the officer his driver’s license. Police asked Marti for proof that he worked for a police department.

The arrest report said Marti admitted that he did not as he told the officer, “I’m going to be honest with you, I am not a cop.” According to the police report, Marti told officers that he was dressed as an officer to deter crime and avoid fights from breaking out at Las Nenas.

According to the arrest warrant, Marti was in possession of a hat that said “police” as well as a gun belt with a baton, a fake weapon, an outer vest carrier, and a stun gun.

Photos provided by Marietta police also show Marti sporting a badge. The officer asked Marti to remove all of his gear so he could be searched. While being searched for weapons, a clear plastic bag with multiple small bags filled with a white powdery substance was found on Marti, which tested positive for cocaine, police said.

Marti told officers that he did not know what the bag was and that he found the bag while during a security check in the restroom. 

Charged with impersonating a public officer and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, Marti was booked into the Cobb County jail and is being held without bond.


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