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Letter to the editor from South Cobb resident Richard Pellegrino



Here is a copy of the letter to the editor I wrote and sent to our local MDJ in reference to blatantly racist comments they recently printed made by State Rep. Ginny Earhardt and columnist Dr. Nelson Price. The MDJ, whose editors are prime examples of “white fragility”, refused to print my letter so I will circulate it by other means. (Feel free to use it as you see fit). 

Dear White Neighbors (including but not limited to pastors, columnists, state representatives, etc.):

It has become apparent from your recent public comments that:

–You don’t know what “racism” is if you think it applies to you or your situation so please stop using the term to describe anything pertaining to yourself or your situation.

–You don’t know what CRT (Critical Race Theory) is so please stop referring to it as something detrimental, untrue, or irrelevant to yourself or your situation (and/or your children’s).

–You don’t know what DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) is if you think each concept or all three are anything but positive and beneficial principles for ALL Americans and human beings, so please don’t mention, decry, or distort its meaning and purpose in any other light.

–You don’t know what racial discrimination is so please stop using the term to describe anything pertaining to yourself or your situation.

–You don’t know what is good for people and children of color so please refrain from suggesting or sharing anything other than what they say is good for themselves.

–You don’t know what MLK taught, preached, and demonstrated by his words, writings, and example, so please stop quoting him to justify your misunderstanding and lack of knowledge pertaining to all of the items listed above.

If you want to learn the truth about any or all of the above there are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) scholars, other resource folks, and entire organizations right here in Cobb (e.g., Cobb SCLC and Cobb NAACP, and KSU) who can teach you. (That is where and from whom this “white writer” has learned and is still learning after nearly fifty years.)



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