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Mableton Mayoral Candidate Michael Owens endorsed by Cobb Sheriff Craig Owens and Mableton District 1 Councilman-elect Ron Davis


Cobb Sheriff and Mableton Councilman Elect throw their support behind Owens.

In the runoff race to become the first Mayor of the new city of Mableton, Candidate Michael Owens has received two major endorsements as early voting begins this week.

Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens and Mableton District 1 Councilman-Elect Ron Davis have both thrown their support behind Owens for Mableton Mayor. The two Cobb leaders are urging their friends and supporters to come back out during the runoff and cast their votes for Owens.
On his endorsement, Sheriff Craig Owens said, “Mableton needs a strong leader to shepherd in a new city government built on a strong foundation. Michael Owens is the right person for the job. He will roll up his sleeves and work collaboratively to secure Mableton’s future. I encourage all registered voters in Mableton to participate in the democratic process and join me in voting in the runoff election for Michael Owens.” 

District 1 Councilman Elect Ron Davis said, “I am ecstatic to endorse Michael Owens as Mayor for Mableton. Michael is a consensus builder who knows how to bring people together, which is what we need. We are at a crossroads regarding our new city. We can choose to stand tall for Mableton and move our community forward in a constructive manner for the citizens that live here, or we can create silos and dissension before we start. I choose moving forward, I choose Mableton, I choose Michael Owens. I urge voters to join me and do the same.” Said Owens on his endorsements: “Thank you Craig and Ron for your support and your endorsements. We are knocking on doors and making phone calls to get people back out to vote in the runoff. Knowing that I have the support of two strong leaders in our community inspires me to work even harder as we push towards the finish line. As I have said before, once I am elected Mayor, my singular goal will be to make Mableton the best city in Cobb and in Georgia to live, work, play, or visit. With citizens and other elected officials by my side that share this goal, we will work efficiently, strategically, and harmoniously towards that goal as we move Mableton to a new level of success and obtain the best quality of life possible for the people that call this community home.”

Davis and Owens join Michael Murphy, Latonia Long, and former Gov. Roy Barnes in endorsing Michael Owens for Mayor of Mableton.

Early voting begins April 10th and ends April 14th. Voters can cast early ballots at the Mable House Arts Center and the Lions Club Community Center in South Cobb. On April 18th, voters should go to their regular voting location.  To learn more about Michael Owens’ campaign, visit his website at: owensformableton.com


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