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3 arrested in 2019 case of missing Powder Springs mother


Cobb County police have officially announced the arrest of three individuals in connection with the 2019 disappearance and presumed murder of Matilde Gonzalez, a resident of Powder Springs. 

Gonzalez, 42, was last seen in Cobb County and reported missing on October 12, 2019. Her body has not been located, but police suspected foul play from the beginning of their investigation. 

The case remained cold for years until a significant breakthrough occurred last Friday, prompting the police to obtain and execute a search warrant at a residence in the Indian Trail neighborhood of Paulding, near Brownsville Road and Ga. 92.

The Cobb County police now believe that Gonzalez is deceased, and the three individuals in custody are believed to be responsible for her death. 

According to official police records, 41-year-old Abel Castro, 42-year-old Alejandra Castro, and 20-year-old Samantha Vasquez were arrested in connection with this case. 

Alejandra Castro and Vasquez have been charged with malice murder, while Abel and Alejandra Castro face charges of concealing a death and two counts of first-degree cruelty to children. After Gozalez disappeared, the two told her son that she had abandoned him to be with another individual.

Arrest warrants reveal that investigators have gathered enough evidence to suggest that Gonzalez was killed on October 11, 2019, “by means unknown during an altercation” at a residence on Sharon Drive just outside Powder Springs. 

Alejandra Castro is accused of murdering Gonzalez and subsequently misleading her child with false claims of abandonment by his mother. Vasquez is alleged to have played a role in Gonzalez’s death, although her specific involvement is yet to be determined. 

It is believed that Abel and Alejandra Castro then disposed of Gonzalez’s body by relocating and concealing it. The warrant further suggests that they escalated their deception by using a Mexican phone number to communicate with Gonzalez’s child, posing as his mother, and leading him to believe she was still alive. This resulted in the child repeatedly attempting to contact the deceptive number. 

The investigation into this case is ongoing. Cobb County Police ask anyone with information on this case to contact them at 770-499-4111.


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