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Southeast EPA Chief Daniel Blackman to take new Senior role at EPA


As Region 4 administrator for the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since November 2021, Daniel Blackman was responsible for overseeing efforts to combat climate change and pollution in the Southeastern U.S. His role with EP is changing as it was recently announced that Blackman is stepping away from his role as Region 4 Administrator to fill a different one at EPA.

Blackman has been tapped to become the EPA’s new senior advisor for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) recruitment and diversity. Administrator Michael Regan asked Blackman to move into this important position saying, “This role is part of the larger agency strategy to continue strengthening our institution and build an agency workforce which reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. Mr. Blackman looks forward to strengthening our partnerships and recruiting an even more diverse EPA workforce.”

A Georgia native and Clark AU Alum, Blackman was active in state politics and regional environmental issues for years before he was appointed to the EPA’s leadership ranks. 

Jeaneanne Gettle, the current deputy administrator for Region 4, will take over as acting regional administrator on June 4. Region 4 includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, as well as six federally recognized Native American tribes.


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