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Smyrna man accused of DUI,  causing collision and resisting arrest


A Smyrna man, Christopher Lee Hernandez, has been charged with DUI. He is accused of driving under the influence, causing a rear-end collision and kicking a police officer in the face, among other charges.

According to a Cobb County Police Department arrest warrant, Hernandez, 32, is accused of multiple offenses related to an incident that occurred on August 12.

Hernandez was allegedly driving a white 2020 Toyota Camry while under the influence of alcohol and/or marijuana on Windy Hill Road in Marietta. 

He was driving at a speed that was too fast for the weather and road conditions and rear-ended another vehicle that was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Windy Hill Road and Circle 75 Parkway. 

Additionally, after the collision, Hernandez failed to move his still-functional vehicle to the shoulder of the road as required by law.

Following the accident, and while still in the middle of the busy highway, Hernandez reportedly approached the other driver’s window and began loudly shouting profanities and waving his arms until the police arrived at the scene. 

During his arrest, Hernandez allegedly resisted the officers and even kicked one of them in the face.

The arresting officer observed several signs of impairment, including Hernandez’s incoherent statements, unsteady gait, bloodshot and watery eyes, and the odor of alcohol on his breath as he spoke. 

Furthermore, the officer detected the smell of burnt marijuana coming from Hernandez’s vehicle. Inside the car, two empty glass alcohol bottles were found on the front passenger seat in plain view, and a bag of marijuana was also discovered.

A search warrant was secured to obtain Hernandez’s blood sample for testing, but he refused to cooperate, and neither a blood nor a urine sample was collected, as outlined in the warrant. 
During his arrest and transportation, Hernandez also made a threatening statement, saying, “I’ll kill you,” according to the warrant.

Hernandez was charged with following too closely, driving too fast for conditions, failure to remove vehicle after accident on expressway, driving with an open container, DUI, obstruction, battery against a police officer, public drunkenness and terroristic threats.

Hernandez was arrested Aug. 12 at 7:08 p.m. and booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, according to jail records. He was released on a $6,500 bond.


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