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Mableton Fire at Riverside Apartments leaves nearly 60 displaced


Dozens of residents of the Lake Crossing Apartments complex in Mableton were displaced after a massive fire destroyed one of the complex’s buildings early Friday morning. 

Residents from the apartments on Riverside Parkway started calling 911 around 11:13 p.m. Upon arrival, Cobb County Fire Department crews found the building fully engulfed in flames. Firefighters quickly battled the blaze, but the fire had already done its damage. Officials say 20 units were damaged in the fire, leaving 58 people displaced.

Cobb Fire Lt. Steve Bennett said, “Once a fire gets into the attic space before we even arrive, it’s very hard to catch up.” Bennett said that some of the building’s walls and interior floors had already collapsed and the damage was extensive. Fire officials were thankful no one was injured in the blaze. 

Officials have not determined the cause of the fire, but it is under investigation.

Mableton Mayor-Elect Michael Owens, District 1 Councilman-Elect Ron Davis, and State Rep. Terry Cummings each toured the aftermath of the fire and pledged to help those impacted by getting them to the right resources, among other things. Lake Crossing Apartments is located on Riverside Parkway in District 1 of the new city Of Mableton.

The Red Cross was on the scene following the fire, working with residents to get them places to stay while they work to rebuild everything they’ve lost. Monica DeLancy provided a list of Resource Services for those impacted which includes:

Updates will be provided as they come in. 


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