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Cobb’s ‘second chance’ program has helped over 1,000 citizens restricted criminal records


Since its launch in 2021, Cobb’s Second Chance’ program has restricted over 1,000 criminal records in Cobb and is being touted as a successful program by Cobb District Attorney Flynn Broady Jr. 

Cobb’s Second Chance Desk connects people with a criminal history to an attorney, providing a free consultation. Participants receive assistance with completing applications for restriction and sealing.

Launched in 2021, the record restriction program, also known as expungement, was offered to those with nonviolent misdemeanor convictions and some people with pardoned felony convictions. Record restrictions are aimed at giving people a better chance to turn their lives around and obtain employment and housing, without their criminal history dogging them.When he campaigned for the job of District Attorney, Broady often pointed to the idea of “restorative justice,” the notion that reconciliation with the community is a more effective response to certain crimes than retribution.

Calling the 1,000 restrictions under the program a huge milestone, Broady said, “Our work on responsible restorative justice has enabled lives to be restored and former offenders to fully engage in our community as productive citizens. Allowing them to find suitable employment, garner promotions, and better housing for their families, the Second Chance Desk makes our county safer and enhances Cobb County’s reputation as the best place in Georgia to live, work and play.”

The Second Chance Desk is a partnership between the Georgia Justice Project, the Cobb County Circuit Defender’s Office, the Cobb DA, the Cobb Solicitor General and the Cobb Judicial Circuit.

Located in the Circuit Defender’s Office (10 East Park Square in Marietta), the desk encourages pre-registration to secure an appointment.


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