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Cobb County Sheriff’s Office unveils new tool, the BoloWrap, to prioritize de-escalation


The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office has taken a proactive step towards safer policing by introducing new technology known as BolaWrap. This innovative tool has been added to their arsenal to prioritize de-escalation in situations involving individuals with mental illness, without resorting to physical force, Tasers, or firearms.

Sheriff Craig Owens emphasized the significance of this development in their commitment to implementing public safety techniques that avoid harm.

The goal is to address the concerns surrounding the use of excessive force by police officers during arrests, and the BolaWrap technology is seen as a means to safely restrain individuals without causing harm.

The BolaWrap releases a seven-and-a-half-foot Kevlar cord at a remarkable speed of 259 miles per hour, instantly immobilizing individuals without causing any pain.

Kevin Mullins, CEO of Wrap Technologies, highlighted that this technology has been successful in improving situations in approximately 86% of cases. The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of both the subjects and the officers involved in these encounters.

It’s worth noting that BolaWrap technology is now in use by over 1,000 law enforcement agencies across the United States and has been adopted in 60 countries worldwide, reflecting its global recognition as a valuable tool for law enforcement.

Owens said, “Our mission is not just about upholding the law, but in doing so to minimize harm, foster trust, and to ensure the safety of our residents of Cobb County.” 


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