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Cobb Citizens, mobilize and plan to attend the commission meeting to say no to a tax increase


The community is down to the wire in making their voices heard to their elected officials as the final public meeting on proposed tax increases in Cobb County is scheduled  for Tuesday, July 25th at 7:00 p.m. at the Cobb County Board of commissioners meeting. 

Later today, a community meeting on these new taxes will be hosted by the Cobb County government and is planned for the South Cobb Regional Library located on 805 Clay Road in Mableton. County officials will be in attendance including the tax commissioner and CFO. The community is encouraged to come out to this meeting to let them know how you feel.

Citizens have been writing, calling, and going before the commission during earlier meetings. They have not been shy in letting the commission know that they do not want their taxes increased. In fact, they have demanded that their current millage rate on their property taxes be lowered.

SPOTLIGHT South Cobb News has been sounding the alarm to ensure that citizens know what is going on and they let their voices be heard. As we stated earlier, public participation in these meetings are critical, so mobilize and spread awareness among fellow citizens in your community.  

Share this notice with your friends, neighbors, and community groups, urging them to attend the public hearing and voice their concerns. Demonstrate the strength of public sentiment and emphasize the importance of representing the interests of the community by attending these meetings. 

Come together, engage constructively, and demand accountability in matters that directly affect the community. Two commissioners have already signaled that they do not support the proposed tax increases. Joann Birrell and her GOP colleague, Keli Gambrill. Let’s see if one or more of the Democrats choose the will of the people. 

My advice to citizens is this – if commissioners are going to raise your rates, citizens of Cobb should be in the room and make the commissioners look you in the eyes when they take the vote.

Whatever happens on Tuesday, citizens should become like elephants and develop long memories. Remember their stance and remember their vote. You will get the chance to return the favor and then you can remember to vote them out of office. 


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