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Cobb citizens can air grievances on taxes at upcoming meetings of Cupid and others


A wave of criticism, frustration, and anger is sweeping across Cobb County in response to Cobb Chairwoman Lisa Cupid’s decision to reject a proposed rollback of the mileage rate that was put forth by two of her fellow Commissioners. The proposed rollback was aimed at alleviating the financial strain caused by inflation and was a response to concerns expressed by citizens.

Cupid, along with her two fellow Democratic commissioners, voted to maintain the current mileage rate a few weeks ago. This decision translates to higher taxes for Cobb citizens and businesses, which has sparked anger and outrage. It has also led to accusations of mismanagement of funds as Cupid included in the budget a million-dollar contingency fund for commissioners. Some say it also includes ‘slush fund’ dollars to hire more consultants to tell Cupid how to do her job.

Adding to the discontent of Cobb Citizens is the vote by the same three commissioners to increase water rates. Their actions have fueled resentment to the callous posture of the three. Some have likened Cupid’s stance to Marie Antoinette’s famous phrase “let them eat cake,” suggesting a lack of empathy for the financial challenges faced by Cobb citizens.

Cupid has scheduled a series of town hall meetings across the county to engage the public, but the timing of Cupid’s meetings is not lost on anyone. It coincides with the aftermath of the decisions made by her and the Democratic commissioners who voted in favor of a fiscal year 2024 budget amounting to $1.2 billion, which has a direct impact on the amount of taxes individuals and businesses are required to pay.

Interestingly enough, Cupid’s meeting announcement follows her announcement of plans to run for re-election. In addition to Cupid holding meetings across Cobb, one of her fellow commissioners, who also supported the higher taxes, is holding a job fair in the community. Some view this as ironic, suggesting that it is a ‘failed’ attempt to help people find employment to offset the burden of the increased taxes they placed on the backs of citizens, which is no joke. Others say that it points to both of them continuing to be ‘toned deaf’ to the community. We are urging citizens of Cobb, as well as businesses, to use these meetings as a platform to express their grievances about the work of the Chair and the other Commissioners.

As it relates to her re-election, the sentiment among critics is that the basis on which Cupid was initially elected has not translated into the effective leadership she promised voters. Cupid’s controversial decision making and her lack of alignment with citizen expectations have led to growing disillusionment about Cupid that will not be cured by her hosting meetings across the county.

Voices within the community assert that Cupid’s history as Chair is riddled with a multitude of blunders, so numerous that they defy easy enumeration. These critics contend that her management of Cobb’s government has been marked by a series of disastrous decisions, leading to a growing alienation of the public. The cumulative effect of these actions has fueled skepticism and disenchantment among residents, prompting concerns about her leadership and the direction she has taken the county.

As discussions unfold in Cobb, the upcoming re-election period will determine the trajectory of the political future of Cupid and others. Many members of the Cobb community expressed skepticism about Cupid’s re-election prospects, arguing that her first election, in which she became the first Black woman to serve as Cobb Chair, has not yielded substantial benefits for the county or its citizens.

Critics also highlight Cupid’s ‘mean streak’ that has been on full display during her tenure as Chair. They point to Cupid’s challenges in transparency, collaboration, and management and are sharing names of others in Cobb who are qualified candidates that could do a better job in office than Cupid.

Cupid may be banking on the public’s ability to forget, but many of us are relying on the collective memory of the community to persist. As decisions and actions unfold, we’re determined to ensure that the events and choices made during her tenure remain in the forefront of people’s minds. It is through remembrance and accountability that we can shape the direction of our community’s future.

Citizens demand accountability and will hold Cupid and others responsible when they go to the polls in 2024. Until then, attend these meetings and let Cupid and company know how you feel about their votes to raise your taxes and how you will hold them accountable with your vote.


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