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Chattahoochee Tech celebrates 60 years


Chattahoochee Technical College celebrated its 60th year of educating Cobb County’s workforce with enthusiasm and pride during their recent anniversary celebration that featured a cookout, musical performances, and remarks from the college president Ron Newcomb and local officials.

Newcomb expressed his excitement about the institution’s remarkable six-decade journey, calling it a great day. Chattahoochee Tech currently serves 12,814 students, making it the second-largest technical college in the state, following Central Georgia Technical College. Spread across eight campuses in six counties, Chattahoochee Tech offers a wide range of educational programs, including degrees, diplomas, and certificates, in over 50 program areas. 

Commissioner Greg Dozier, from the Technical College System of Georgia, emphasized the crucial role that technical schools play in economic development. He noted that attracting businesses to Georgia relies on having a well-educated workforce. Despite challenges faced by many post-secondary education institutions due to the pandemic, the technical college system has seen significant growth, with an almost 6% increase in enrollment compared to the previous year, and even higher growth in certain areas of study, like car manufacturing programs driven by Georgia’s expanding auto industry.

The college’s history dates back to its establishment in 1961 as the Marietta-Cobb Area Vocational-Technical School, a collaborative effort between the Cobb and Marietta boards of education and the state Department of Education. The main campus opened its doors in 1963. Marietta Mayor Steve “Thunder” Tumlin recalled the pivotal role of Lockheed Martin, which employed a significant workforce in Marietta during the 1960s. The presence of Chattahoochee Tech was instrumental in ensuring that Lockheed Martin’s jobs remained in the area.

In 1988, the college transitioned from local governance to state governance and was renamed Chattahoochee Technical Institute. The institution expanded with satellite campuses in south Cobb in 1995 and Paulding County in the following year. In 2000, the Mountain View campus opened in east Cobb, and the school adopted its current name, Chattahoochee Technical College. The college further expanded by merging with Appalachian Technical College and North Metro Technical College in 2009, establishing additional campuses in Jasper and Acworth. There are also campuses in Woodstock and Canton.

State Rep. Devan Seabaugh shared his vocational school experience and highlighted the impact of institutions like Chattahoochee Tech on the community.

Kim Blass, Chief Impact Officer of Marietta City Schools, mentioned that many Marietta High students are dually enrolled at Chattahoochee Tech, providing them with valuable opportunities for building their futures and careers.


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