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What about Mableton?


Three of the four communities in Cobb seeking cityhood have completed the legislative process; have had their bills signed by Governor Brian Kemp, and are awaiting a May referendum. Meanwhile, Mableton, in South Cobb, limps forward and has no signs of life.

Unfortunately, Mableton is stuck in whatever time-warped process is holding it up from joining the other communities in Cobb that started their journey well after Mableton had been in the pipeline at the state capitol for cityhood. The question for those of us who reside in South Cobb is why?

Like everything else that fails to happen for the people who live in South Cobb, Mableton is bringing up the rear and is yet to clear the legislative process by those who have championed the creation of the other cities. East Cobb was signed by Kemp on Feb. 17, Lost Mountain on Feb. 22, and Vinings on Feb. 23.  What about Mableton? 

In comparison, Mableton completed and released a feasibility study in 2020, yet it has not seen the swiftness of a bill such as the other cities that have been greenlighted by members of the general assembly and the governor’s office. What is most disturbing is that the other three proposed cities released their feasibility study less than three months before this year’s legislative session began. They are now poised to have citizens determine their future, but what about Mableton?

This blatant inconsistency in the treatment of similar issues (cityhood) speaks volumes to the ongoing disparity and inequity that South Cobb is subjected to on a consistent basis from both the County and the State.

What makes it even more difficult for citizens of South Cobb to comprehend is the poor representation by elected officials who claim to represent our interest when the only thing they are interested in is holding on to power and representing themselves. What happened to the group that was leading this effort? Some say they have been silenced by Lisa Cupid as she attempts to shut down the pipeline to cityhood. Others say this is a coordinated effort to kill cityhood for Mableton by ignoring us because no one cares about South Cobb. They do not have to put up an effort in blocking Mableton’s desires for the same opportunity, they just need to remain silent and disregard us as usual.

We have heard claims from those who support the effort of other communities to be given the opportunity to determine their own self-rule, but what about Mableton? Do we have the right to make this determination for ourselves, like the rights that you have advocated for on behalf of other parts of Cobb? We have heard claims of racism by some who want to stop cityhood from occurring in some communities but again, what about Mableton? Our community is majority Black, so how do your claims apply to us or do you plan to just overlook us and hope that cityhood plans fall by the wayside because this is what Cupid wants and has directed from her cronies?

The decision for Mableton to become a city should be given the same considerations and opportunity as the rest of the communities in Cobb and is entitled to the speedy passage through the General Assembly, the signing of the bill by Kemp, and placed on the May. 24 calendar for a referendum for its citizens to decide. We should not be in a holding pattern, and we should not be anyone’s ping pong ball to hit back and forth in an effort to score points.

It is ultimately up to the voters if Mableton becomes a city. This decision should not be left to a few self-serving elected ‘non-leaders’ who are seeking to protect their interest and their own backsides as they play games with our lives.

If you are tired of South Cobb and Mableton being the red-headed stepchild of Cobb and tired of being overlooked by decision-makers, contact Gov. Kemp’s office and members of the Cobb Delegation and demand fair treatment for Mableton. Demand the signing of the bill for Mableton cityhood and let citizens decide, not politicians.  


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