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“We Thrive in Riverside” celebrates a record year of action and service in South Cobb


Community advocate Monica Delancy is accustomed to getting phone calls, at all times of day and night, from those in the South Cobb community seeking help. Known as the voice for renters, the founder of We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association has been helping families and those less fortunate stay in their homes for over a decade.

Monica’s assistance to distressed families, usually comprised of mothers and their children, includes teaching renters about their rights, coming to the aid of those who have been evicted, rightly or wrongly, and helping them find resources they urgently need, especially during COVID-19.

It was just another routine day when Monica’s phone rang in December 2020. To her surprise, on the other end was Oprah, yes that Oprah. Media mogul Oprah Winfrey had learned about the community work that Monica was doing. In what Monica described as kind words, Oprah told her “I like what you’re doing, you’re so inspiring, and you’re encouraging to others”. In addition to commending her efforts, Oprah had another purpose for her call to Monica. Oprah announced that she would be making a $50,000 donation from the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation to We Thrive at Riverside Drive to support their work. Speechless by the call and donation, Monica was overjoyed that Oprah had noticed her work and was willing to support her efforts to be of service to others and keep families in their homes.

Described by many that have been helped as a life-changing advocate in the community, Monica said the money donated by Oprah helped about 40 families stay in their homes.

She also offered workshops to learn how to manage their finances and avoid evictions in the future, as well as other beneficial services.

In addition to her work with renters, Monica is well known for her efforts with local schools and the community. She is committed to building partnerships, having hosted workshops, activities, and other events to bring groups together for the betterment of South Cobb. We Thrive in Riverside Drive will continue its efforts to be of service to the community and Monica will continue answering the calls, day or night, of those families in need.

 In her year in review report, Monica highlighted the work her organization has done in 2021. In addition to providing rental assistance and support moving families, here is a highlight of some of their work:

·         Recipient of the Oprah Winfrey Foundation Grant

·         Read to Succeed Fest

·         Renters Rights Summit in Riverside community

·         Youth Services Day

·         Community clean ups

·         Food pantry pop ups at Kingsley Village and Sierra Forrest

·         Resource Connection zoom meetings

·         Welcome to Summer Expo

·         Must ministries summer lunch program

·         We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association Summer mini camp

·         National night out against crime parade in the Riverside Community

·         Youth leadership workshop

·         September Renters Rights month of action

·         Awarded Georgia Power Foundation Grant

·         We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association Voter Registration Day

·         Awarded Civic Georgia Grant

·          Halloween Fest in Riverside Community

·         Awarded Power of Youth Grant

·         AttendEd NACA forum about rental assistance

·         Welcomed Little Free library to Kingsley Village Apartments

·         Hosted holiday party and toy giveaway

·         Awarded Cobb EMC Grant and Greystone Power Grant

·         Hosted rental assistance navigating workshops

To help this community organization or for more information, please contact Monica Delancey at:




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