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Water System in Cobb reports another sewage overflow, marking the 7th overflow within 30 days


Cobb County faces another sewage overflow incident, marking the seventh such occurrence in the past 30 days. An estimated 80 gallons of wastewater sewer overflow was reported on March 6 at 3605 Sandy Plains Road NE in Marietta. This discharge flowed into Trickum Creek and the total sewage overflow volume to almost 20,000 gallons in the recent spate of incidents.

Concerns are rising among residents and stakeholders, highlighting environmental worries and dissatisfaction with the county’s leadership.

The Water System received notification of the latest overflow on March 6 at 2:55 p.m., and the issue was addressed by 3:35 p.m. Upon arrival, Water System employees discovered a manhole spilling sewage with the lid secured. The spill left a 50-foot by 10-foot area, reaching a storm drain leading to Trickum Creek. After using a jet machine to unblock the sewer line, the crew cleaned and treated the affected area with lime. A subsequent creek inspection revealed a 50-foot by 30-foot area of gray water, with no observed fish kills.

The list of recent sewage overflow incidents in Cobb County includes:

  • March 3: 2,400 gallons of wastewater sewer overflow at 2219 Lattimore Farm Drive in Kennesaw, entering a tributary of Noonday Creek.
  • February 27: 11,100 gallons of wastewater sewer overflow into a tributary at Timber Ranch Branch.
  • February 23: 2,880 gallons of wastewater sewer overflow at 3252 Foxwood Trail in Smyrna, discharging into a tributary of Nickajack Creek.
  • February 22: 470 gallons of wastewater sewer overflow at 2502 East Piedmont Road in Marietta, caused by debris and discharging into a tributary of Sewell Mill Creek.
  • February 21: 1,440 gallons of wastewater sewer overflow at 3740 Old 41 Highway NW in Kennesaw, caused by roots and discharging into a tributary of Proctor Creek.
  • February 14: 840 gallons of wastewater sewer overflow at 1558 Twin Courts Lane SW in Marietta, discharging into a tributary of Olley Creek.

The recurring nature of these incidents has sparked significant concerns among residents. While the Water System has demonstrated quick responses, residents express dissatisfaction with the perceived lack of leadership and urgency from Cobb officials. Environmental impacts and potential damage to water systems, rivers, tributaries, and the overall ecosystem are key concerns, leading to calls for transparency, proactive communication, and swift action.

The community seeks decisive leadership and a clear plan to address the root causes of these sewage spills and prevent further environmental damage.

Residents and stakeholders are advised to stay informed about water quality issues, take necessary precautions, and support comprehensive solutions to tackle the ongoing infrastructure challenges.


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