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Walker faces a tougher battle against Warnock following easy GOP win


Senator Raphael Warnock and U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker had a good primary election night, with both winning their party’s nomination, as was expected. 

Many in the South Cobb community say the party is just getting started as Walker, who avoided debating his fellow Republican nominees, must now face Warnock as we lead up to the November Race. Thanks to his name recognition from his legendary football career, Walker was in a rare position of being able to ignore his five Republican rivals. 

Now pointing to Walker’s vulnerabilities, saying what other candidates could not expose will finally be revealed. Walker won’t have that luxury now of refusing to debate. In addition, Sen. Raphael Warnock has incumbency and resources that he had been building up for this moment.  

During a stop in Cobb County, Walker told those gathered, “I can raise more than you, and I’m Black. Because I’ve got family in Georgia who are Black and they’re going to change over.” He attributed his comment to being asked early on if he can raise money and get others to change over to the republican party. 

Walker’s response, which he shared at a recent Cobb County campaign stop, illustrates both the confidence and audacity behind his celebrity-fueled bid for the U.S. Senate that could decide control of the chamber. 

Damaging revelations and his controversy-filled past, along with a string of missteps and blunders have made national headlines and have interlaced themselves around Walker.

Michael Steele, a former national GOP chair said: 

“The problem that Herschel Walker has is that he’s not going to be able to avoid Raphael Warnock once the general election starts. He’s not been tested, he’s not been pressed. Warnock and his allies have the resources and infrastructure that Walker’s adversaries lacked, and they can use them to highlight a history of allegations of domestic violence that includes his ex-wife telling authorities that Walker pointed a gun at her and choked her.” 

Walker has also made several false claims including that he graduated from the University of Georgia as well as a pattern of exaggerated claims about his business background.

Warnock’s campaign released a memo late Tuesday which includes how the Democrat planned to highlight how Walker’s “pattern of lies, exaggerations and outright bizarre claims reveal he is not up for the job.” 

During the primary, Warnock stayed focused on telling voters who he is and what he is doing in Washington for Georgians including capping the price of insulin, pursuing price-gougers, and pressing the White House to take action to forgive student loan debt. 

The Republican strategy to take on Warnock, meanwhile, is also becoming clearer which includes framing him as an “inspirational” candidate who supports bad policies. 

About Warnock, Walker says, “He’s absolutely incredible, but, you know, I’m incredible, too. I love fighting. I’ve been doing it all my life. I’m not worried about all that.”


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