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Villa Rica Army veteran the latest charged in Jan. 6 riot on Capitol


The latest individual from Georgia facing charges for his alleged actions on January 6, 2021, is Zachariah Boulton. 

This Villa Rica resident and Army veteran, aged 38, has been charged with four misdemeanors in connection with the events at the nation’s capital.

More than 30 months after the attack on the Capitol, the FBI arrested Boulton on July 10, accusing him of entering a restricted area of the Capitol, engaging in two counts of disorderly conduct, and participating in an illegal demonstration inside the Capitol.

These charges reflect the ongoing efforts to hold accountable those involved in the events that occurred on that fateful day. As the legal process unfolds, Boulton’s alleged actions will be subject to scrutiny and judgment.

According to the charges against Bolton, he and several others allegedly entered the Capitol by accessing a breached exterior door located in the Upper West Terrace. In his statement, Bolton claimed, “I was literally there when they opened the doors to us,” and further added, “They waved us in.”

Following the riot, numerous individuals, both in court and on social media platforms, have made similar claims, asserting that they were permitted by the police to enter the Capitol. 

Surveillance video indeed shows instances where some outnumbered officers did not engage with rioters as they entered the Capitol. However, in other areas, the police fortified their defense lines and engaged in confrontations with the rioters to prevent their entry. 

In the case of Bolton, the FBI received a tip and screenshots from a TikTok user just three days after the unrest at the Capitol. Leveraging surveillance footage and videos allegedly posted on TikTok, the FBI was able to track Boulton’s movements throughout the Capitol, as mentioned in the charging documents. 

The FBI also uncovered comments made by Boulton to other TikTok users in the days leading up to and following the Capitol riot. In these conversations, he discussed his plans to go to Washington and described what he witnessed while there.

TikTok users have criticized him for his alleged involvement in the attack, but Boulton has responded by pointing out that liberals on the platform seem to support movements like Black Lives Matter and antifa. He expressed his view, stating, “But you are not ok with us storming the Capitol like the Founding Fathers highly suggested we do.”

Furthermore, Boulton asserted that participating in the events of that day was his “patriotic duty.” Despite the denunciations, he stands firm in his belief that his actions were in line with the ideals of the country’s founders.

The investigation into the Capitol riot has resulted in over 1,000 arrests nationwide. The combination of tips, social media content, and surveillance footage has been instrumental in aiding the investigation and bringing those involved in the events of January 6 to justice.

Boulton previously served in the Army as a financial management technician and was honorably discharged in 2019. Public records show that he has been a resident of Georgia, having resided in numerous cities including Marietta. 

Out of the 25 individuals with ties to Georgia who were charged in the January 6 riot, all but five have either pleaded guilty or been found guilty. The majority of the defendants have already received their sentences, varying from probation to years of imprisonment. 

Some defendants, including Boulton, are still awaiting their court hearings and have not yet been sentenced. The legal process for these remaining individuals is ongoing, and their cases will be addressed in due course.


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