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Underage sex sting gets Kennesaw man 5 years


A Kennesaw man, Joseph Gambino, will spend the next five years behind bars after an online sex sting revealed he was trying to entice someone he believed was 14 years old on the dating app Tinder. 

Cobb Superior Court Judge Angela Brown sentenced Gambino, 32, last week after prosecutors laid out their case against him. 

Gambino was tried and convicted on May 27 of attempting to entice a child and computer sexual exploitation. In addition to his prison time, Gambino will serve 10 years on probation. 

The Marietta Police Crimes Against Children division netted Gabino during a 2018 sting operation where he assumed he was communicating with a supposed 14-year-old. The person he was communicating with was a member of the sting operation. 

Gambino exchanged explicit messages and photos with whom he thought was a 14-year-old and arranged a meeting for sex at Dave and Buster’s in Marietta. After he arrived at the location, Gambino was arrested and taken into custody as he coaxed the minor from the business to his car in the parking lot. 


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