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Two men charged after attacking KSU student, using racial slurs


Following the vicious beating of Kennesaw State University student Jalique Rosemond,  in the parking lot of his off-campus housing, police have identified the suspects. 

Gauge Dakota Stanley, 20, of Chatsworth, and Kole Zuba Reasoner, 20, of Flowery Branch have been charged with the attack, however, neither have been placed into custody. Police say once they are arrested, they will be charged with aggravated battery.  

The attack, which was captured on a security camera, occurred around 12:10 a.m. at the West 22 apartment complex, located about two miles west of campus. Rosemond, who is Black, told police that he thought the attack was about his skin color and called the attack a hate crime because as he was being beaten his attackers called him racial slurs.

He told police that as he was getting out of his car at the off-campus apartment complex, two white men beat him to the ground, kicked him in the face, repeatedly called him racist names, and threw his KSU backpack and food into a tree. 

He also said the men took his car keys, but they were later found underneath his vehicle. 

Rosemond said, “They did hit me, which led me to bump into their Jeep, which later caused me to fall to the ground. They kicked me in my nose and fractured my nose.” Rosemond said he was eventually able to run and knock on his roommates’ windows for help.

Rosemond told police that the men ran into a nearby fraternity house after attacking him, which led to members of the fraternity being interviewed by law enforcement. 

A report said officers spoke with a resident at West 22 who said he allowed a white man to stay at his apartment after the attack. The person claimed that a car was driving recklessly through the parking lot and had nearly struck his friend. 

The resident told police that his fraternity brothers confronted those in the vehicle and then assaulted the driver.

Rosemond, who had some of his dreads pulled out during the attack, was left bloodied and bruised. He was taken to a hospital by his roommate. 

The roommate said, “I want justice for my friend. I want justice for other people because too many situations happen in Kennesaw and people don’t know about it. He referred to an October incident at the apartment complex where a racial slur was spray painted inside the hallway of the third floor of the building.

Kennesaw police spokesman David Buchanan said, “Based on the statements of the victim, this ultimately could be racially motivated.”  

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact Kennesaw police at 770-429-4533 or 


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