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Travelers can use a digital ID to get through TSA at Atlanta’s airport


On Thursday, TSA announced that Georgia residents can now add their driver’s license to their Apple Wallet for airport verification, which will make getting through the TSA checkpoint much easier. Georgia is joining other states including Maryland, Arizona and Colorado to bring this option to travelers.

Georgia residents who are enrolled in TSA PreCheck will be able to use their digital license as verification, which they say provides a quick, safe and efficient process.

In a press release, Robert Spinden, TSA Federal Security Director for the State of Georgia said, “This new rollout allows passengers to safely and securely enter the security checkpoint area and offers a convenient travel experience for passengers–especially as their iPhones and Apple Watches can now act as both their IDs and boarding pass.”

The new process includes a separate digital verification line at the airport where passengers will hold up their Apple device in front of the reader at the podium. Authorizing the documentation with Touch or Face ID, the identification will be presented to the TSA officer, and the passenger will be able to proceed through the line. Passengers are still encouraged to have their physical ID, just in case something goes wrong. This digital ID service is offered only to TSA PreCheck customers at this time.


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