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Toni Morrison Society’s “Bench By the Road” placement planned in Smyrna


The public placement ceremony for the Toni Morrison Society’s “Bench By the Road” project in Smyrna on June 18, 2024, presents a significant opportunity for the community to come together in remembrance and acknowledgment. This event, whuich begins at 10:00 a.m. will mark a pivotal moment in local history, symbolizing the recognition of the lives and legacies of former enslaved residents of Cobb County.

The choice of the Concord Covered Bridge neighborhood as the site for the commemorative bench is laden with meaning, linking physical space to historical narrative and providing a tangible connection to the past. It serves as a poignant reminder of the presence and stories of those who were enslaved, often marginalized in traditional historical accounts.

Highlighting the Ruff family, particularly Matilda Ruff and her children, brings a personal dimension to the tribute, amplifying individual experiences within the broader context of slavery. By centering specific individuals, the project emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and honoring the lives and contributions of those who were enslaved.

The collaboration between the Toni Morrison Society and local preservation groups like Friends of the Concord Covered Bridge underscores the significance of collective action in preserving history and fostering awareness. This partnership exemplifies a commitment to inclusivity and dialogue, advancing a more comprehensive understanding of the past.

Following the placement of the commemorative bench in Cobb County, it is poised to serve as a focal point for reflection, education, and community engagement. It will stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of both the enslaved individuals and Toni Morrison, facilitating ongoing dialogue and remembrance for generations to come.

Register for the event at: tmsb@gmail.com. For more informaion go to: https://www.tonimorrisonsociety.org/


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