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The Saint of the Greater Atlanta Area Travels to New Orleans


Local Non-Profit Organization Extends A Helping Hand To New Orleans after Hurricane Ida

By H. Benjamin Williams, Ed. D

President, Cobb County Chapter

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Members and friends of the Family Life Restoration Center [FLRC] traveled from Mableton, GA to New Orleans, LA. this week to provide much needed aid to those who were hurt by the horrific behavior of Hurricane Ida.  

After the small convoy travelled almost 500 miles filled with boxes of goods arrived in the city, Bishop Steven Shearod, who serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organization, stated, “ The capacity, capabilities and extraordinary compassion of the Angel of Cobb County [GA], the FLRC, under the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of our Executive Director, Elder Luther Washington, we have successfully transported water, food, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, toiletries, hope and encouragement to the great people of New Orleans.” 

Thirty-five thousand pounds of food and products were distributed to 850 cars that awaited the arrival of the small convoy from Mableton. 

Needless to say the folks from Mableton were well received by the ground team in New Orleans. Dr. Orin Grant, Pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church in New Orleans helped to organize and harvest those in need to turn out and share the blessings brought to them from the FLRC. 

Reverend Warren Johnson, Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in New Orleans stated, “On behalf of thousands of grateful people and hundreds of New Orleans families, I want to thank all the churches, civic organizations, governmental agencies, businesses and especially the Saint of the Greater Atlanta Area for your contributions, donations and prayers.  Halleluiah and Amen.  Mission completed.” 

The convoy is expected to return to Mableton today, September 26. They will rest for a few hours and get back to work. The non-profit organization helps between fifteen and seventeen thousand people a year to survive food insecurity, secure clothing, receive vaccines to avoid the serious and often deadly effects from COVID-19, employment information, and guidance to other services in the social safety network.

For more information contact:

Luther Washington, Founder and Executive Director

Family Life Restoration Center

6105 Mableton Pkwy.

Mableton, GA 30126

Phone: 770-572-3199 Website: www.flrconline.org


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