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Temporary gasoline tax suspension in Georgia


Georgians have been feeling pain each time they stopped at the gas station to fill up their vehicles. Gasoline prices in Georgia have been skyrocketing since the Russian invasion of Ukraine more than three weeks ago and since the subsequent ban on U.S. imports of Russian oil imposed by President Joe Biden. 

To ease some of the pain that Georgians have been feeling at the pump, Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation temporarily suspending the state’s sales tax on gasoline after the state House and Senate passed House Bill 304 unanimously during the last week.

It is uncertain at this time what that relief will look like in dollars and cents to Georgians who have been demanding action by the government.

In times of emergency, the law allows the governor to suspend the tax by executive order when the General Assembly is not meeting. With lawmakers at the capitol, a bill made its way through the House and Senate. The suspension runs to May 31 and will expire unless the governor decides pump prices are still too high and warrants continuation. 

Last year, Georgia suspended the gasoline tax when Colonial Pipeline shut down following a ransomware attack.


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