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Teacher Of The Year Supports Critical Race Theory In Schools


On Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look with Rose Scott, Tracey Pendley, Georgia’s 2020 Teacher of the Year, shared her thoughts about Critical Race Theory and the long-term implications of banning it from K-12 public schools.

Pendley, a fourth-grade teacher, is an ex-officio Georgia Board of Education member. She talked with show host Rose Scott about her background and passion for teaching.

Pendley told Scott that part of her job as Georgia’s 2020 Teacher of the Year is to speak out about the concerns of students, teachers and parents. She also shared her thoughts about the Georgia Board of Education’s recent move to pass a resolution banning Critical Race Theory from being taught in K-12 public schools. “I was the first to speak out against the resolution,” Pendley said. “I’ve received hundreds of emails from stakeholders across the state opposing this resolution.”

The veteran educator further explained why she feels CRT should be taught in schools and discussed the importance of combating systemic racism. “We owe our kids the very best, and the best way to do that is to acknowledge those systemic barriers, and make sure we are taking steps to tear them down,” said Pendley.

To listen to the full interview between Rose Scott and Tracey Pendley, go to: www.wabe.org/georgia-teacher-of-the-year-explains-why-she-feels-critical-race-theory-should-be-taught-in-schools/


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