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Taxpayers to receive $250 back after Kemp signs $1.1 billion state tax refund


This past week, Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation that will provide a $1.1 billion tax refund. This sounds like a huge windfall for Georgia Taxpayers, but the one-time stipend only amounts to about $250 per person.   

The refund to taxpayers is the byproduct of a strong state tax collection that has left Georgia with a cash surplus.

In signing the legislation Kemp said, “When government takes in more than it needs, I believe those dollars should be returned to the taxpayer because that is your money — not the government’s.”  

The refund provides a tax credit to Georgians who filed state income tax returns for the 2020 and 2021 tax years. Single taxpayers will receive a $250 refund. Married taxpayers filing jointly will get $500.

You do not need to adjust your tax returns for 2021 if you have already filed them. You will receive a refund by paper check or direct deposit.


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