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T-Mobile suffers massive data breach


If you are a T-Mobile client, chances are you are among the 50 million users whose personal data has been compromised. T-Mobile confirmed that it was the subject of a massive data breech that exposed personal information including first and last names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license information.

People who are not actually customers of T-Mobile and do not have an account with them may still be impacted. If you ever tried to open an account with T-Mobile or changed to a different carrier, your information may be among the millions that are impacted. Hackers with your information can open credit cards in your name. Hackers can also swap your SIM card, where someone is able to convince a phone carrier that they are you and have your phone number switched to their control.

Here is the message from T-Mobile on the incident: On August 17, 2021, T-Mobile learned that a bad actor illegally accessed personal data. Our investigation is ongoing, but we have verified that a subset of T-Mobile data had been accessed by unauthorized individuals and the data stolen from our systems did include some personal information. The latest details about the affected data are available here.

T-Mobile says it is continuing to take action to protect customers at risk from this cyberattack and are providing support in various ways including:

  • Offering two years of free identity protection services with McAfee’s ID Theft Protection Service to any person who believes they may be affected
  • Recommending that all eligible T-Mobile customers sign up for free scam-blocking protection through Scam Shield
  • Supporting customers with additional best practices and practical security steps like resetting PINs and passwords
  • Publishing a customer support webpage that includes information and access to these tools at:

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