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T.J. Ferguson, District 5 City Council runoff candidate, announces major endorsements

Pictured above from left to right: District 5 Runoff Candidate TJ Ferguson, Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens, Stephanie Joy Loose, and Chijioke Ebbis.

Mableton Runoff Candidate T.J. Ferguson announced that he has been endorsed by Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens and his former candidates that were in the race to become Councilman for District 5. Former candidates Chijoke Ebbis and Stephanie Joy Loose are supporting Ferguson to become the first councilman to represent District 5 in the new city of Mableton.

Upon announcing the endorsements from fellow candidates, Ferguson said, “The consistent reason the other candidates from the race are backing me is because they see me as someone who is passionate about this city and looking for the positive impact we can make together.” 

In speaking about his endorsement from Cobb Sheriff Owens, Ferguson said, “I’m looking forward to working with Sheriff Owens to create a strong bond between the sheriff’s department and the city ensuring ALL citizens of Mableton feel safe in our community.” 

Early runoff voting for Mableton Mayor and District 2, 3, 4, and 5 City Council races begins tomorrow, April 10th, and ends April 14th. Voters can cast early ballots in the runoff races at the Mable House Arts Center or the Lions Club Community Center in South Cobb.

Tuesday, April 18th is Election Day for the runoff elections and the last day to cast a ballot.


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