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Suspect in Powder Springs murder killed by Henry County police


A suspect in a Powder Springs homicide was shot and killed by Henry County police in an Ellenwood parking lot on Dec. 9. Police Chief Lane Cadwell said the incident began when Powder Springs police conducted a welfare check at a townhome in the 3800 block of Equity Lane, near the intersection of New MacLand Road and Richard D. Sailors Parkway. Upon arrival, around 10 a.m., police found a dead woman.

From the evidence gathered at the scene, police were able to identify and track 64-year-old Arrett Carr to Ellenwood, Georgia because after 1 p.m., Carr was spotted driving a pickup truck. He was followed to a nearby shopping center and surrounded by Henry County police in the parking lot of Five Points Crossing at 1792 Panola Road. 

While speaking with him, police say Carr picked up a handgun and was shot multiple times by multiple officers. Carr died at the scene. A handgun was recovered and no other individuals were injured. 

The Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett said “Our officers took every opportunity to talk this man down.” Scandrett said Carr told officers “today is the day” before pointing a gun at them. The Sheriff said this is a textbook case of “suicide by cop.” 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is now investigating the matter and said Carr was suspected of beating his girlfriend to death earlier. “Officers maintained visual contact with Carr as he drove to a nearby shopping center on Panola Road,” the GBI said in an emailed statement. “As officers were speaking with Carr in the shopping center parking lot, Carr picked up a handgun.” Several officers fired shots at Carr, who died at the scene, the GBI said.Witness videos revealed the shock of workers in the Ellenwood area who watched the shooting unfold. A woman in one of the videos can be heard repeating the words, “They killed him.” Luckily, no officers or bystanders were injured.

This incident is the fourth officer-involved shooting the GBI is investigating this month and the 92nd of the year.


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