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Straight from the Mike…The Blowing Winds of Change


If you were to pause long enough and take a little sniff of the roses nowadays in our county, you should get a sense of what I refer to as the early winds of progress blowing across our landscape.

Hold on, I am not suggesting that we are surrounded by nirvana or have arrived in the land of good and plenty. On the contrary, I have raised issues and questions when I felt them to be appropriate. If I see direction toward the North Star, I will not hesitate to raise my hand and point it out. It is my belief that we can see some things with other than just our eyes. We are truly blessed with other senses, too.

Residents, parents, community groups et al are not hesitating to continue to raise points and speak out confidently about what they believe to be relevant, necessary and appropriate issues. Fortunately, many of those very issues benefit the bulk of the county. The points seem to be properly directed, sufficiently gauged and measured for the desired effect and benefits.  They are just looking to get the plow horses engaged. Yep, I know you know who those horses are of whom I speak.

Our elected officials have the benefit of knowing now, especially, that they are not viewed as potted plants. The invitations for engagement are quite evident. We are finding a decline in virtual meetings and a return to the revered ‘live town halls’ event that has the desired setting for resident engagement, with its earful of information and pertinent questions.

There will continue to be a contention of some officials that will claim to the last gasp that there is little if anything that can be done in the near term. The long-term prospects are improving because we know that runaway inflation; surcharges and galloping fuel price increases are indeed finite. Prosperity will return.

Furthermore, the recent primary elections and upcoming November elections give further testament to the belief and relief that ‘better days ahead. Once the die has been cast, we will be apt to see real solutions, commitment, and serious attention being bought front and center. Even as we see the rustling of some leaves still around and roses still blooming, we can always point to the sobering reality, issues such as crime and public safety may fall in that longer-term category for solutions. However, the balance of the fulcrum suggests that right is winning out. Voices, still persistent, are being heard and the Calvary is on the way.

We just celebrated two magnificent holidays, Juneteenth and Independence Day. They should give us the additional impetus and momentum to keep these winds of change blowing. It has been said that all progress means change, but all change is not progress. Thankfully, we are sincere enough, intelligent enough, and committed enough to know the difference. Yes, the wheat will be separated from the chaff, seeds will get to fertile ground and a fruitful harvest should be in store for us all to enjoy and relish.

It is impressive and confronting to now know that so many good people are working for the benefit of many other good people. In essence, I am seeing the real makings of that beloved community that Rev. Dr. King opined about so eloquently. The housing, education, health, wellness, sustainability, etc. are coming together with an eye toward making a difference in the lives of as many who desire to catch the updraft; embrace the winds of change and progress.

We face tomorrow with a better outlook because of today and can feel assured that we will know real progress when we see it in the future.

Stay engaged.

BTW, let me not conclude before asking for your prayers and well wishes for a good friend and such a strong advocate of Sustainability that he is known as Envirobro, Leonard Robinson, who is recovering from recent surgery. 

Until next time… 

Michael Murphy


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