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Straight from the Mike: When the bough breaks


A tree, with its live branches, truly exemplifies the tentacles of a community. When we even attempt to damage or cut a live branch, it can impact the growth of the tree, even for what may be a short period of time. Regardless, an impact has been made. The branches are like the extensions into our neighborhoods and subdivisions, each with their challenges, expectations, and thirst for unity in the community.

May we always strive for a beloved community, where every voice matters.  This goal was another paramount dream of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. He believed in the ideals and benefits of a beloved community. A community with an unshakable Terra firma bolstered with mutual respect, love, empathy, and hope for a better future for families and friends.

Unfortunately, a torpedo was launched at a community stalwart that will not allow me to be silent. It is a known fact when one puts their name out there for public office, you literally lay bare the heart, so to speak. Your life, your time, and that of your family become an open book. You have

heard the term, ‘skeletons in the closet’. How about your own bones exposed and visible for the public to see?

 A vicious communication was circulated regarding the candidacy of City Council candidate Monica Evette Delancy. In the political world, it’s known as a ‘hit piece’. It is intended to deliver a resounding blow to the solar plexus of one’s campaign. It is usually timed right near Election Day so as to limit the opportunity for a rebuttal. I continually hear the words politics is dirty. My rejoinder is simply that it is not politics that is dirty, it’s that some of the people are dirty. Let’s break it down: Poly means many; Tics are bloodsuckers.

When one is critical of a voice of the community, it is critical of the community itself. It is exactly for that purpose that I advocate for civility. Regardless of the issue, there is always a common ground. One can disagree without being disagreeable. It is not kind to publicly attack a candidate for one’s personal challenges. We all have one vote and it is up to each of us to exercise it as we see fit.

It is a clear sign of pervasive naiveness when you hear of fear for the harm an elected official can wreak upon a government board. The last check I made of local political entities, a majority vote is required to pass any measure, especially dealing with fiscal matters. My point here is when you have elected officials serving their current term in the confines of a jail cell, (a District of Columbia City Council member) being fully compensated in six figures, one should not equate that with financial hiccups that may account for only a part of one’s past. I strongly suggest looking at the total person, their character, vision, leadership qualities, etc. before you vote for any individual. Last but certainly not least, do not be led solely by the letter after their name. Our vote is too valuable for it to be minimized by such a flawed pattern within our political system.

Finally, as scripture puts it so timely in Isaiah 54:17, “No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper.”

Hurry up, Tuesday. Let’s get the party started.

I remain Michael Murphy


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