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Straight from the Mike: Wake up everybody! It’s later than we think


Well, it’s back to reality, folks. My political sojourn came to a rousing end on Tuesday night, a week ago. It would be easy for me to just exit stage right and let the deserving victors enjoy all the spoils. However, I owe it to others to awaken the residents of Mableton and to take a moment and share some of my observations from the hustings. 

For over five weeks, I pounded homes in the subdivisions and neighborhoods of Mableton, and I visited many of our businesses. I enjoyed meeting the people where they were. I was able to leave a ‘sorry I missed you’ door hanger on folks’ doors who were either not home or chose not to answer my one touch of their ‘ring’ doorbell’.

I had every reason to believe voter turnout, based on the feedback received, would reflect the excitement and expectations I sensed. Just imagine my shock and surprise, of course, in not winning, but at the dismal voter turnout. There are no explanations for such a poor display of civic involvement and neglect of civic duty. 

No, I did not win; but I did not lose either. You see, I am fortunate enough to know that I am awake and will not rest until after April 18. I urge you to consider joining me with that commitment. 

The primary issue on the table is if we are willing to accept the results that will be bestowed upon us as a result of our apathy and ignorance of the opportunity at hand, shame on our indolence. The most appropriate quote for this moment comes to mind from a friend of mine, Michael Opitz, “Knowledge is power, ignorance is slavery, apathy is destruction.”

Prior to the Special Election and the ongoing criticism of cityhood, a major concern was that taxes would be increased. Yet, take a look at these numbers: $250,000 election cost to the county, 47,000 plus eligible voters, only 6400 votes cast, resulting in an almost $40 cost per vote cast. Now that’s what I call unacceptable.

Rip Van Winkle slept for a long time but did not miss much. The same cannot be said for this situation in Mableton.

Wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed. No more backward thinking, time to be thinking ahead ….Thank you, Teddy Pendergrass

 I remain Straight from the Mike.


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