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Straight from the Mike…Not In My House


The news that broke this past Saturday afternoon was a stunner for me the moment I saw the caption on a major network indicating people shot, killed and injured in Buffalo, New York.

News like that is always troubling; this was particularly the case because it touched home.

For several years, my wife, Vanessa, would answer the question when asked, where are you from? Upstate New York would be her response. I would sometimes ask her alone after the encounter, why not say Buffalo? We would chuckle and I would move on. I happen to have an affinity for Buffalo because my visits there reminded me of a pleasant mix of other cities I have lived in or visited. Oh, sure, I may not want to visit there in the winter months. Nevertheless, we went to a lovely family reunion in LaSalle Park on Lake Erie. I found the folks there to be genuine, friendly and courteous. Also, It was a real pleasure getting the tour down memory lane in her neighborhood from my wife.

However, the tragedy of a hate-filled act by an unbalanced individual that impacted forever the lost lives, loving family members and friends cannot be forgotten. A multitude of Buffalonians and countless citizens across this country will remember May 14 for more than just a memory. I believe that it will serve as a lesson learned and that no neighborhood, no community deserves such wrath from any individual, at any time.

You will not trespass in our house and escape unscathed.

It did not take long in our house for the hurtful, deep stab of pain, disgust, and concern to take hold. You see, my wife grew up nearby and was most familiar with the area being shown on every media network. It was not long before we learned of someone who knew someone deeply affected by the actions of a troubled young man. Furthermore, it soon became clear that friends and family members had recently shopped at that Tops store. The security guard on duty was well known and respected by so many who knew him. He lost his life doing his job.

The City of Buffalo deserves well-earned praise for its rapid response, capture, and arraignment of the individual arrested at the scene. A major step was taken towards justice for those killed, violated, and deeply impacted as a result of a few dreadful minutes on an otherwise enjoyable, sunny afternoon in a nice community.

This event further supports my hue and cry for the need for continued uplift in our community and how critical it is to remember; that we are our brother’s keeper. A dark cloud with ominous signs can appear sometimes

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