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Straight from the Mike: Mission Accomplished


Our new city is blessed to have a plethora of nonprofit organizations to help address the needs of its residents. It is one thing to list them on paper, yet another thing to see them in action.

This past week I had the opportunity to be a part of an event that demonstrated the promise and mission of FLRC. It was done so in grand style. The staff and Board of Directors of Family Life Restoration Center opened its doors and decorated its main hall at its main location to welcome the families of those burned out recently at the Lake Crossing apartments.

They were treated to a full-course meal, presented with gift cards, and given access to its clothing and food pantry. A generous monetary donation was presented to each family courtesy of the generosity of Fortified Christian Church and its pastor, Rev. Purvis Brown. It was really gratifying to see grateful smiles from the eight families in attendance.

The evening would not have been complete without mentioning the supporting words and adulation from several of our local elected officials. Representation was in attendance from city and county elected officials. They got up close and personal with each family and an evening to remember was complete and much appreciated.

It has been my contention for some time that our nonprofits have been tolerated and supported on a limited basis. Now, I have the feeling that a paradigm shift is underway.

We need to remember that in a beloved community, no one stands alone, especially in tough times. In the midst of a most unfortunate event, there is a silver lining amongst the gray clouds that allows the sun’s rays to shine. Hope springs eternal whenever a lifeline presents itself and it surely did just that at the Family Life Restoration Center.

The angels of hope and comfort came forth in the form of Luther and Angela Washington. The City of Mableton is so fortunate to have in its boundaries the seeds of compassion, quick response, restoration, and material support blossom with each day of their service.

Let history record that they were hungry; they got fed. They were void of their personal belongings; a path to recovery was laid before them. They needed love and comfort; they received a bountiful supply to sustain them.

The value of one’s mission can best be displayed when the occasion presents itself to provide proof in the pudding and leave no doubt about who you are and whose you are.

Lest us not forget, you never walk alone. FLRC’s mission was accomplished in Spades and in real-time.


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