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Straight from the Mike – Agony on the Asphalt


It’s Father’s Day weekend, I felt everything I would touch would be golden. Little did I realize that I was in store for a humdinger. 

You see, recycling is important to me. Household recycling day was here. Unfortunately, I had to miss the recycling day for electronics in April due to a conflict with the Taste of Mableton Day.

I was determined not to miss out on getting rid of some paint cans that were taking up too much space and reminded me of manual labor. I knew that there would likely be a traffic line at Jim Miller Park, however, I did not expect that I would spend the next two and half hours in a snaked line that gave me ‘day mares’ of the Hartsfield Jackson security loops.

Of course, the difference here was being confined in a vehicle with temperatures rising and the sun showing no mercy. Every tree that provided shade while in the Q line was like an oasis in the desert to a person lamenting the predicament of the situation.

The experience was bringing a recall of snowmageddon, from a number of years ago. I even thought of the experience of New England Patriot fans years ago that was tooling along until they hit the backup on the four-lane highway leading into the spanking brand-new stadium in Foxboro, MA.

The wait turned out to be so long that ticket holders never got into the stadium before the game ended. Yep, you guessed it, no refund.


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