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SPOTLIGHT Q and A with Mableton District 1 candidate


Ron Davis

What do you think are the 3 most pressing concerns for residents in the new city of Mableton?

Public Safety, Code Enforcement, and  Zoning

What are your goals and objectives as an elected official for the new city of Mableton?

My goals are as follows: 1. Ensure that the city is run as efficiently and effectively as possible. 2. Do everything I can to avoid any tax increase on the citizens. 3. Improve economic development in Mableton.

How would you describe your management/leadership style?

Collaborative, relational, and decisive.

What actions will you take to ensure that high-quality and effective communication occurs throughout the city of Mableton?

I will make sure the residents are kept informed via newsletters, regular meetings, bulletins, and other forms of communication along with providing any needed follow-up.

As Mayor or member of the city council, how will you provide effective communication with other members of the governing body?

I will keep the lines of communication open by having regular meetings and providing any updates required by the governing body. (Open door policy)

What are your plans to ensure that the new city of Mableton has the budget appropriation to meet the needs of the residents?

This would require me to work closely with the Mayor, my fellow council members, and the City Manager to make sure the city has the necessary budget appropriation.

What do you plan to accomplish in your first 30 days? In your first 90 days?

During the first 30 days, I plan to establish a firm working relationship with the governing body and gain a clearer understanding of our duties and responsibilities. In 90 days I plan to lay out, along with my colleagues, a foundation for the operation of the city.

What is your position on de-annexation?

My position is what I have always expressed. “What does the law allow when it comes to de-annexation?

Describe an ethical dilemma you’ve faced. How did you resolve it?

I worked briefly for a subprime lender in 2001. Although the pay was good, I found the lender engaged in some practices I felt were questionable. Shortly after this discovery and despite the pay, I decided to resign from the position rather than compromise my principles.

What are your plans for redevelopment for the new city of Mableton?

I plan to use my experience in banking, sales, business analysis, etc. to reach out to a variety of businesses that would be a good fit for the city. I will also utilize my knowledge to reach out and communicate with developers to address the housing needs of the city.

EDITORS NOTE: District 1 candidate DeBorah Johnson did not respond to the survey.


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