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South Cobb’s Citizens of the year


When it comes to power couples in South Cobb, look no further than Luther and Angie Washington, two individuals whose good works have made a difference in the quality of life for others in South Cobb.

This “community power couple” has been “Restoring & Strengthening Families – One Family at a Time,” which is the motto of their nonprofit organization, Family Life Restoration Center (FLRC) in Mableton. Because of their selfless work in our community and their unwavering commitment to others, Luther and Angie have been selected by SPOTLIGHT South Cobb News as our Citizens of the year.

The Washingtons have clearly made an indelible mark on our South Cobb community and their “good works” performed each and every day on behalf of those in need within our community, continue.

Their faith-based organization, FLRC, demonstrates a commitment to not just helping citizens, but also empowering them through acts of kindness, friendship, unity, and love. 

In 2006, Luther identified an old run-down building in Mableton that he saw beyond its broken-down condition. After purchasing and renovating the property, he started FLRC as a youth program that featured a basketball curriculum that helped get kids off the streets to redirect their energies towards something positive. 

Today, the programs FLRC offers:

Marital & pre-marital guidance

Workforce Development

Space Rental Opportunities

Emergency Food

Clothing Distribution

Showers of Blessings


Hot Friday Meal

Under Luther and Angie’s leadership, the FLRC organization has grown and evolved to become a centerpiece for service in South Cobb. They have been able to help thousands of community members as well as others in nearby states who have found themselves devastated by disasters.

With a kind heart and a giving spirit that knows no geographical boundaries, the Washingtons organized and led a caravan in 2021 of food, water, and supplies to devastated New Orleans after a hurricane ravaged the area and people living there. This is on top of the countless acts of kindness and generous work that they perform each day for people from all levels of society in the communities of South Cobb.

Despite COVID impacting the ability of many community-based organizations here in South Cobb, FLRC continues to make an incredible investment of time, talent, food and other services to those in need.

South Cobb leaders describe FLRC as the backbone of the community that provides cohesion for those when they need it the most. They say the organization is truly an inspiration to the rest of South Cobb and the giving spirit and desire to help others championed by the Washingtons are contagious.

Saying Luther and Angie Washington’s name brought a smile to the faces of the numerous people we spoke with as well as a personal story of how FLRC has made a difference in the community.

They point to the Washington’s working tirelessly to keep spirits up and people fed as they engage members of the community who are suffering from food insecurity, lack of basic services, and other needs. 

They credit FLRC with creating a place for hope as well as services by providing tangible support in varying ways with food, clothing, furniture, and counseling. 

The Washingtons coordinate with their church, Word of Faith, to provide food boxes for families at Thanksgiving. FLRC also provides a WellStar clinic for seniors and hot meals for them each Friday. 

In addition to current services, the hope of the center is to one day provide a medical program where members of the community can obtain basic medical services such as having their blood pressure checked or screening for conditions that go undiagnosed in poor communities due to access or lack of services in the area.

South Cobb community leader Michael Murphy described Luther and Angie as ‘ Angels in our midst who are a power couple and gems in our community.”

To ensure that they can do the work they do each day, the Washingtons use innovative ideas and grassroots solutions. They partner with United Way, churches, and other supporters to ensure that they have the resources to do the work that they do for others.

FLRC is viewed as an asset to South Cobb and a vital part of our community. 

Congratulations to Luther and Angie Washington for being selected as South Cobb’s Citizens of the year. In addition to this recognition, FLRC will receive a cash donation of $500.00 from SPOTLIGHT. 

If you want to help FLRC, continue their work of service to the community, please contact them at:

Website: www.flrconline.org

Phone: 770-944-1066

Email: luther_flrc@yahoo.com


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