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South Cobb Community Urged to Attend Meeting on Magnolia Crossing


Members of the South Cobb community – we are urging you to come out for this important community meeting that is being held on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. at the EPICenter on Riverside Drive Parkway in Austell.

For those of you who are aware of Magnolia Crossing, you know that our community has been waiting for years to have 50 acres of prime real estate developed into something beneficial for our families and our South Cobb community to enjoy.

We have told former District 4 Commissioner Lisa Cupid and the South Cobb Redevelopment Authority (SCRA) for years that we want smart mixed-use development to occur on this property, Magnolia Crossing has a magnificent view of the Atlanta skyline and is minutes from downtown and the Atlanta airport. 

We were ignored by Cupid and by those in charge of developing this property. Poor elected leadership that followed Cupid via her handpicked successor has done what we all feared – absolutely nothing. They have all failed our community and will continue to do so until we speak up and hold them accountable. This starts Tuesday night at the Epi Center.

A development plan was submitted to SCRA years ago by the late Wanda Cunningham, a smart businesswoman and a member of our community. Instead of being embraced, her proposal was placed in a bottom drawer by SCRA. It was never presented to our community, and it was never acted upon. Sadly, Wanda lost her battle with cancer last month. A few weeks after her death, the SCRA is calling for this meeting to share news on development of this property. Are they using Wanda’s proposal or are they going with the recommendation of their consultant to turn this property into warehouses with a perfect view of Atlanta’s skyline?

We can no longer be silent on this issue or allow others – those who do not reside or care about South Cobb – to saddle our community with usages that are not compatible and are not wanted. This area needs a grocery store, a medical facility, a drug store, a bank, a recreation center, affordable housing, senior services, veteran services, youth services, a police precinct, and so much more, which was in Wanda’s proposal. 

We have been ignored because of poor elected leadership in our community. These RINO’s (representatives in name only) are counting on us to stay at home on Tuesday so that they can make decisions behind our backs and without our knowledge, which is their preferred way of governing and controlling South Cobb. They count on us to be complacent, uninvolved, and in the dark on issues which allows them to do whatever they like in our community. In the end, we are stuck living with their bad decisions for years. 

We have been mistreated long enough South Cobb. It is time for our voices to be heard and for our community to fill the room at this meeting. We are counting on you to be there so that we can collectively tell SCRA what we want in our South Cobb community. 

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